Learn Price Action and Market Flows

It’s not great to clutter your charts with a bunch of indicators when trading the forex markets. Naked Trading is about interpreting clean charts and price action, and ultimately understanding the language of Japanese candlesticks. This is exactly what we preach, and exactly what you’ll learn!

Learn About Fundamentals and Economic Data

Understand key economic data points, what they mean, when they’re released and how they impact markets. Learn about risk events and market sentiment and compile and condense fundamentals and them as drivers for your technical analysis. Or if you’re lazy… simply benefit from our market commentary and weekly economic rundowns, we will do the work for you and summarise breaking headlines on a daily basis! Master all the positive trading habits to develop a robust, methodical, sustainable and most importantly profitable trading plan.

Produce Accurate Chart & Trend Analysis

Learn to capture those forever lasting market trends with the trend trading strategies we teach. Also, master all our taught chart pattern trading techniques and trading strategies below, which are included within this fully comprehensive trading course. Learn to forecast effective risk to reward projections and accurate take profit and stop loss positioning and targets.


As a newcomer to the Forex Market, your number one investment should be your education. It is imperative to ensure your education provides great value and shared experiences from traders with solid market experience. This course includes exactly that, we share all our invaluable market experiences to help you fast track and mitigate the obstacles you’re going to cross during your journey (the reason most traders quit before they can become profitable!)

With Trade Simple FX’s trading course, you will learn various effective critical trading strategies & tactics, with easy to understand & extremely in depth videos with hours upon hours of content to study, our education platform is always growing and you’ll also get access to all of our new content for FREE!


There are many Forex Trading Educators online, so why choose us? Well, we are an extremely well established, unique trading institution with years of experience, we have an incredible social following and extremely positive feedback as a result of consistent transparency. You will find 1000’s of extremely professional detailed charts and before and afters by going through our social feeds, clear evidence and examples of exactly what you’ll learn and soon become a master of.

Additionally, we publish live analysis for our network stream which is shared globally. Of course, it’s not good publicity if our analysis and description of analysis and forecast isn’t accurate or justified. The analysis and commentary we publish and provide is the same exact same you can expect to learn on the inside of the Trade Simple FX’s trading course, easy to understand, yet extremely thorough, sheer value for traders and investors of all levels and experience.


True Support & Resistance
Top Down Analysis
Master Risk Management
Risk:Reward Projections
Trading Trendlines
Candlestick Entries
Psychological Control
Dozens of Chart Patterns
Timezones & Timeframes
Moving Average Strategies
Price Action Simplified
Price Action Mastery
Understand Market Cycles
Fundamental Awareness
Price Equilibrium
Channel Trading Strategies
Trendline Breakout Trading
Analysis Platform Navigation
Supply & Demand Mastery
Price Snapbacks
Positive Trading Habits
How To Trade Part-Time
Plan To Trade Full-Time
Trend Breakout
Trend Continuations
Optimise Profit Taking
Identify Trend Reversals
Convergence & Divergence

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